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Rev. Sara E. Campbell - Pastor

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A graduate of Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School, Sara earned her Masters Degree in Divinity while serving with the Buffalo Peacemakers as a ministerial intern, and as Co-pastor of Open Arms Metropolitan Community Church in Rochester, NY. 

Sara's theological bent is towards a Liberation Theology. She believes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is there to help us liberate ourselves and others from social, political, and economic oppression. That our salvation is found in these liberating acts. It is not the salvation of the soul



that we should be focusing on as Christians, but the salvation of the whole person from the bondage's of oppressive systems. Sara loves to preach and teach from this theological lilt. 

In lay terms, Sara believes that everyone is saved by what Jesus did on the cross (regardless if you believe or not) that our lives are redeemed here by living in community with other believers and working for justice, which includes racial, economic, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, citizen status, ability, and cognitive ability. By being in relationship with our neighbor and raising them up, we are saved as a person, community, and world.  

Sara is an avid baseball fan, one of her bucket list goals is to visit all 30 Major League ball parks.  She's been to four, American Family Field (Milwaukee Brewers) Oriole Park at Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles), Busch Stadium (St. Louis Cardinals), and Rogers Field (Toronto Blue Jays).

A Buffalo native, she has lived all over this country, completing her undergraduate degree in Arizona. Additionally, she has traveled extensively, working in the Peace Corps for 2 years in Prague, Czech Republic. Sara loves to read theology and is an avid biker, completing a multi-day bike trip last year from Kansas City, MO to St Louis, MO. She also loves to camp, rock climb, and play softball. Sara is a single mother, to two sons, Steven 10, and Jeremiah 6. 

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