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Orders may be placed anytime, however, they are only fulfilled during staffed hours:

 Tuesdays 1 pm - 5 pm

Sunday 1pm - 3pm


Call or text for emergency needs 


716 -259 -0852 

Food Pantry

No proof of income necessary

If you qualify for TANF, SNAP, SSI, or free/reduced lunch you do not need to meet the income threshold. 

Household Size                          Annual Income

1                                                        $32,805

2                                                        $44,370

3                                                        $55,935

4                                                        $67,500

5                                                        $79,065

6                                                        $90,630

7                                                      $102,195

8                                                      $113,760

Each Additional Add                    $11,565

Online Ordering

We recently changed our system. 

The roll-out was a bit bumpy, however, we appreciate you working with us and giving us your feedback

Our mission is to provide the highest quality free food to our neighbors. 

We do this in an online shopping format. To keep up with our ongoing increase in services to a larger number of folks, we chose to upgrade our system to better serve you.

You will now get greater selection and faster service times with this new system.


We know it's a change, but we appreciate you bearing with us as we work to improve your food pantry experience, and bring you a higher level of care and service. 

If you have any problem please call the SSBUCC office, 716-632-4226, or the Faith & Joy Food Pantry phone.

Canned Food

If you have previously ordered on our new system click below to enter your order

If you don't have an account click the link below.

It will ask you for your name, the number of people in your family, and your email.  

We will email you with a username and temporary password. 

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